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I used to develop software for a living. Nowadays, being a sysadmin for more than 4 years, my developing skills became rusty as hell.

I won’t deny that I still have lots of fun programming some wicked scripts with perl and bash for automating tasks like backups, system checking, log parsing, etc… yet they don’t fulfil my developer cravings anymore. So I started wondering which would be a good new language to start polishing my development skills, and after a lot of searching I’ve selected three candidates:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby

python Python won the challenge, just because it seamed to be the more versatile of the three with the strongest sysadmin background, the network programming potential is overwhelming. Also, I’m very curious about the Twisted event-driven networking engine.

github Another thing that has changed over the years were the versioning systems, I’ve used CVS a couple of times but now it’s totally outdated.

The search for a new versioning system to learn was as quick as a google querie, if git is good enough for linux kernel development, it’s good enough for a simpleton like me. And so, nothing like creating a github account to let the games begin.

We’ve now reached the purpose of this post.

All the scripts on this blog are going to be submitted to github, all the posts with source code will have links to the corresponding files on github. I hereby promise to update my code as often as time allows me.

May the source be with you and remember:

The problem with git jokes is everyone has their own version.

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